Aditya as a Group

Our Motto:"Motive behind any action is as sacred as the action itself"

The education scenario in and around Kakinada was sagging by 1980. Times changed - necessity for quality education loomed large - employment pattern changed - requirement for Coaching Institutions arose - but the district and in particular Kakinada was not ready for the change. So there was confusion and uncertainty among parents about the future of students. ADITYA rose to the occasion with the motive to dispel darkness as the name suggests. Three decades made history for ADITYA and success greeted us in all domains of education. The change was apparent reflecting our intense care, sincerity and commitment to values. Today we have courses and academics from KG to PG. And the same frame of commitment runs through different veins of our Schooling, Colleges, Distance education, and Competitive-exam coaching.
  • Public Schooling to provide quality education.
  • +2 education with EAMCET and IIT coaching to prepare the students for launching into Pharmacy, Engineering and Medicine professions.
  • Institutes of Higher Learning
  • Engineering Colleges: have volumes to speak for themselves.
  • Pharmacy colleges:Aditya Pharmacy college and Aditya College of Pharmacy have unmatched reputation as quality health care Professional Education Providers.
  • Degree & PG Courses: Degree, Post Graduate and Management education is a running successfully.
  • Nursing & Teacher Training Institutions: have become a great success, which is very visible now.

  • Engineering and Pharmacy domains attract students from outside our state and country too.
We now proudly reiterate: "Motive behind any action is as sacred as the action itself" Aditya Academy today is a knowledge powerhouse and a brand name in higher education. With the faculty strength extending beyond 5000 and student number being 50000, it is a reflection of the gigantic efforts put by Aditya Academy in spreading quality education in the past several years. The breadth of disciplines and collaboration among constituent institutions gives unparalleled Opportunity to students, to cross departmental boundaries and explore different horizons and widen their knowledge base.