Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutics is the discipline with the process of turning a new chemical entity into a medication to be used safely and effectively by patients. It is also called the science of dosage form design. This branch deals with the formulation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) into a dosage form. The course is designed to integrate the teaching, learning and understanding of pharmaceutical sciences in the context of pharmaceutics. Student will complete the course with advanced knowledge and skills applicable for a variety of practical settings in dosage form design,manufacturing technology, regulatory aspects, patents, quality control and quality assurance of dosage forms.


  • To foster critical thinking abilities to solve real-life patient/product problems as they relate to pharmaceutics.
  • To understand the relationship among physicochemical and biological factors, dosage forms, routes of administration and therapeutic outcomes
  • To illustrate the principles of pharmaceutics in dosage form design and development, describe production procedures, Quality Control & Quality Assurance measurements and stability improvements for dosage forms.
Career Opportunities

  • Drug research and formulation development, designing and investigating various potential dosage forms for a particular drug substance.
  • Development of analytical and microbiological methodologies essential for the testing and validation of a particular product. Government agencies, research institutions and at academic institution.
Current area of research

  • A factorial study on the effects of Poloxamer and gelucire on the enhancement of oral bioavailability.
  • Design and invitro evaluation of Oral dispersible tablets.
  • Formulation and evaluation of immediate release tablets.
  • Formulation and evaluation of hydrophilic and hydrophobic combined matrix tablets using synthetic & natural polymers.
  • Formulation and evaluation of oral disintegrating and extended release tablets.
  • Formulation and evaluation of floating dosage forms.
  • Enhancing dissolution of poorly soluble drugs by solid dispersion techniques.
  • Formulation development and evaluation of fast dissolving tablets.
  • Evaluation and in vitro release of formulated gels using diffusion cell.
  • Formulation and evaluation of transdermal gels,films & patches.