Co-Ordinator:   Dr.V.Ravi Sankar, M.Pharm., Ph.D
Convenor:        Dr.D.SathisKumar, M.Pharm., Ph.D.,
Members:     1.Dr. K.Divakar, M.Pharm., Ph.D,
                       2. Mr. S. Nageswara Rao, M.Pharm., (Ph.D.,)

Hence the journal club presentation will be held regularly, certificate will be issued to the best presenter.


  •    Pick a good article with good data and innovative research
  •    Provide a background for the research
  •    Explain any non-standard techniques
  •    Present important findings
  •    Discuss authors' conclusions and whether the data support it
  •    Put conclusions in context of future research.
  •    Finalize the actual article to be presented 2 week before the date of Presentation and Notify the Abstract with the Journal Details on the Department Notice board and circulate the same
  •   Adhere to the schedule dates fixed in the academic program.
  •    Postponement of Scheduled is strictly not encouraged

Presentation Hall Time Eligible presenters Presentation mode Duration

Seminar hall, Aditya Pharmacy College

1.45 –4.30 PM

Faculty / PG Students / 5th and 6th Year students of Pharm.D/Ph.D Scholars

Power point presentation

20 Minutes (presentation) + 10 mins (discussion)

Winners list:

List of winners in B.Pharmacy are

  •   Surisetti Devipriya & Kameswari Priyanka Devarakonda.
  •   Achutuni Divyabharathi & Yedida Uma Priyanka

  • List of winners in M.Pharmacy are

  •   Vinny Therissa Mangam
  •   Pappala Rama Devi
  • List of winners in B.Pharmacy are

  •   Amrutha Pulagam.
  •   Ganja Sasidevi.
  •   Balusu Pranitha.
  •   Sangisetti Kathyaini Alekhya.

  • List of winners in M.Pharmacy are

  •   Manuri Prashanthi (Department of Pharmaceutics)
  •   D. Satya Sowjanya (Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis)
  • List of winners in B.Pharmacy are

  •   Amrutha Pulagam.

  • List of winners in M.Pharmacy are

  •   Mustafa (Department of Pharmaceutics)
  •   Lakshmi Ganga (Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis)